From the wide range of manufacturers and ‘Green’ products we can provide you with a reliable system from a sustainable source.


Ground source heat pumps use pipes which are buried in the ground, dependant on space they can be installed either, by using bore holes or in a field type array across a wider area to extract heat from the ground. This heat transfer can then be used to heat the home with either radiators or underfloor heating and provide you with hot water.

A ground source heat pump will circulate a mixture of water  and refrigerant in either tubes or ground loops buried in the ground. Heat from the ground is absorbed into the fluid and then passes through a heat exchanger into the pump – the ground stays at a fairly constant temperature under the surface so the heat pump can be used throughout the year, even in the middle of winter.


Air source heat pumps use basic thermodynamic principals to convert latent heat contained within the air into heat energy that can be used to provide heating and hot water.This ‘ambient heat’ is replenished by the sun, making heat pumps both effective and environmentally friendly.


Solar thermal is a clean and sustainable method of providing homes with hot water. Utilising the power of the sun is an excellent alternative to traditional energy sources.With zero Co2 emmissions and an inexhaustible supply of sunshine it is an excellent way for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint as part of a wider lifestyle choice.